What a tigress raccoon dog…

He makes all sorts of plans, relying on what he doesn’t have on his hand. Toratanu is a laid-back, optimistic, lovable tanuki. This is the story of him and his happy companions.

At NFT, Toratanu and his friends dress up as various characters. We are sure you will find your favorite. Each work is created with care and thought.

With the proceeds from the NFT, we plan to produce original goods and apparel to color your lifestyle. Also 5% of the proceeds will be donated to the Make A Wish Foundation, which shares our philosophy.Please support us in making not only our dreams come true, but also the dreams of children come true.


About Us

Hi! We are Mii and Anne from annetmii.

Creators born in December.
We are delusional creators who give shape to our worldview through illustrations, character designs, stories, and other contents.

Our concept is “contrast”.
Light and dark, childhood and adulthood, Japanese and Western…
Enjoy the different views of the world in our secret hideout.

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